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Combating Cellulite with Radio Frequency


Radová Lifestyle promotes an active and healthy lifestyle to all of our clients - this is the essential first step to looking and feeling your best! But what happens when you have done all you can on your own and still have stubborn fat, cellulite, or other areas of concern?

We understand that while diet and exercise are fundamental, and they do accomplish a great deal, there are also limitations. This is exactly why Radová Lifestyle came to fruition - to... read more

Get Rid of Wrinkles Through a Plant-Based Diet

Posted October 20, 2016 in Anti-Aging, Nutrition, Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction

I have always been fascinated by how plant-based diets can improve not only someone’s overall health but also the ​appearance of their skin.

When you choose to eat more vegetables in your diet, you are increasing more fiber and water consumption-this helps detox your body, including your skin! The outcome? Clearer, more radiant skin.

In addition, according to a very interesting video by Dr. Greger, higher intakes of green and yellow vegetables are associated with... read more

The Benefits of Hyaluronic Acid

This week I would like to discuss one of my favorite skin care secrets: Hyaluronic Acid. This substance is naturally present in the human body and is, interestingly enough, found in highest amounts in the eyes and joints.

So how exactly does Hyaluronic Acid benefit the skin? One word: MOISTURE. “Used as a serum each morning and night, Hyaluronic Acid is able to penetrate the skin’s upper layers. Hyaluronic Acid forms an air permeable layer and penetrates into the dermis, thus... read more

Beauty Emanates from Within – Preventative Skin Care

Posted December 15, 2015 in Skin Tightening, Wrinkle Reduction

My grandma’s old adage, “you are what you eat” is definitely true when it comes to your skin. 85–90% of external aging is avoidable with preventative skin care. And the most effective preventative measure is good nutrition. By simply consuming foods that nurture your skin’s health you can significantly delay the effects of aging. I like to think of it as “internal health for external beauty.”

There’s a lot of focus on (and a huge market demand for) topical formulations that... read more

Laser Treatment Alternatives: Chemical Peels, Diamond Microdermabrasion, and Micro-Needling

The industry is full of procedures and products that promise drastic results for your skin but you should always trust the word of someone who specializes in skincare. I believe everybody has individual skincare needs and the best options right now include micro-needling, chemical peels and diamond microdermabrasion, or better yet, a combination of all three. They offer amazing results and leave clients with healthy and glowing skin. Micro-needling, popularly... read more

Medical Grade Facials vs. Spa Facials

It’s time to talk about the difference between spa facials and medical grade facials. “Medical grade???” No, we’re not talking about a plastic surgeon “chasing” wrinkles with a syringe of neurotoxin or some “plumping” ingredient in his hand. Medical grade facials are results-oriented treatments rather than simply “feel good” facials. Now that’s not to say that medical grade facials shouldn’t feel good too, but the feel-good part should not distract us from the main goal.

The main goal... read more

Natural beauty is here to stay!

Finally, the era of "artificial looks” is being left behind. There’s a trend away from fake eyelashes, hair extensions, over-plumped and frozen faces, and extreme anti-aging treatments. People are gaining more and more interest in natural beauty - wanting to look their best while retaining some of the features that make them unique. Even some imperfections! It’s because we’re tired of trying to achieve the unachievable beauty-model look only to end up with that expressionless appearance. And... read more

Tips to Naturally Slow Down the Aging Process

Tips to Naturally Slow Down the Aging Process

Wrinkles are a part of who we are. Soft wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, jawline and neck represent the stories of our individuality. Some wrinkles can tell us a happy person form a not-so-happy person and happy wrinkles should be worn with pride! But then there are deep wrinkles…making us look older than we really are. Unwanted deep wrinkles are accelerated by a few bad habits many of us are guilty of. But with a few simple steps we can... read more

Proven benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels improve the tone of skin, fight hyperpigmentation (sun damage, age spots), stimulate production of collagen, reduce signs of aging, and combat blackhead, acne, ingrown hair and congestion.

What are chemical peels?Chemical peels go a long way back. The Ancient Egyptians used animal oils, salt alabaster, and sour milk to aesthetically improve the skin. Sour milk was used to produce smooth skin, lactic acid, an alpha-hydroxy acid was the active agent. Poultices containing... read more