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CoolSculpting is an FDA-cleared, non-surgical, and non-invasive approach to eliminating stubborn fat. For someone in a healthy weight range who is looking to remove fat bulges that are resistant to diet and exercise, this is a great way to do it without having to worry about downtime, surgery, or the potential risks associated with an invasive procedure. If you feel that you are in this category, we welcome you to schedule a consultation​ and learn more about what... read more

America’s Healthcare Crisis - The Cure is on Your Plate

Posted February 27, 2017 in Fitness, Nutrition

Nurses play a crucial role in the American healthcare system. While doctors tend to specialize on specific areas and systems of the body, like the heart or lungs, nursing focuses on the body as a whole. Kathleen M. Kirby, registered nurse and CNS Graduate, explains the holistic role of nursing in the article “Healthcare in Crisis: RN Asks What’s Food Got to Do With It?”, published by The Center for Nutrition Studies.

As Kirby explains:

"Nurses are... read more

Controlling High Blood Pressure

Posted February 15, 2017 in Fitness, Nutrition

Hypertension is a silent killer. Commonly referred to as high blood pressure, hypertension is a serious health risk because many who have it do not show any symptoms, leaving them unaware of their condition until they are suddenly faced with a medical emergency. The issue of high blood pressure is especially prevalent in America, where about a third of American adults has hypertension, and nearly 20% of them do not know.

If left untreated, high blood pressure... read more

Lifestyle Choices and Disease

Posted December 8, 2016 in Anti-Aging, Fitness

Lifestyle Choices and Disease

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in the United States. Cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and arthritis, for example, are some of the most common health problems related to poor quality of life that can eventually lead to early death.

However, some of these conditions are preventable by maintaining good health, since unhealthy habits can precipitate them. Four of the biggest health risk behaviors are:... read more

4 Benefits of CoolSculpting

There are many benefits to CoolSculpting, here are 4  that our clients love the most!

Non-Invasive/No Downtime: CoolSculpting is non-invasive and has no downtime! The treatment can even be relaxing, as most of our clients read a book, do work or even nap. The best part? You can go right back to your normal activities right after the treatment. It’s Safe: CoolSculpting was originally inspired by Harvard research, and is now the only FDA-cleared fat reduction technology. There are... read more

Pale is the New Tan

Posted July 23, 2015 in Fitness, Skin Tightening

The year 2014 will go down in the annals of skin care history for being the year that the United States took a stand against indoor tanning. Multiple states deemed indoor tanning a health risk by outlawing the practice for minors. Effective January 1, 2015, Delaware joins Vermont, California, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Minnesota, Oregon, Nevada, Texas and Washington in passing this important legislation. According to Brett M. Coldiron, MD, president of the... read more

Exercise and the Inner Challenge We All Face From Time To Time

Posted January 15, 2015 in Fitness

545am!! My iphone buzzed my favorite wakeup song “Morning has broken” from Cat Stevens and as usual I hit the snooze button and the inner battle began….get up or not to get up!?! It’s dark outside, cold and raining… ugh…and of course hearing my Great Dane Soffee snoring happily, curled up in a big giant ball sure didn’t help things! So there it was again, the fight in my head….should I sleep longer? Hm, let’s see, I scanned my day in my head, figuring out where I could squeeze my “after”... read more