Alma vShape Radiofrequency

Alma vShape is one of the most advanced Radiofrequency devices for skin tightening and wrinkle reduction available today. vShape is so powerful it's capable of targeting fat, tightening skin and treating cellulite all in one treatment. And it's available at Radová Lifestyle!

VShape Radiofrequency

"I am 48 and looking for ways to keep looking young. I found Radova Lifestyle. I work in Arlington so it was nearby. After the initial consultation I chose the Radio Frequency treatment. She also recommended facial products after the treatment for my skin. It's been awesome. I am looking better after the first treatment! I am psyched. Thanks Gabi.*" - Jon B.  *Individual results may vary.


Benefit of vShape RF

vShape is incredibly powerful capable of reaching deeper than Thermage which can result in more dramatic results for skin tightening, cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles. Now Pixel RF is available at Radová Lifestyle!​


Why is Alma vShape the Best Choice?

Alma Laser's state of the art vShape is one of the most advanced radio frequency devices for face and body contouring available today. At Radová Lifestyle, vShape is our go-to technology and can treat skin tightening, cellulite, stretch marks, and wrinkles. It can also be used for body contouring and facial shaping.  vShape can be an excellent complement to CoolSculpting because it can tighten the skin after a CoolSculpting procedure.

It is non-invasive, relatively pain free, can provide long lasting results, and since it combines multiple technologies in one device – it is capable of treating all areas of the body. vShape combines proprietary radio frequency technologies so that it can target fat and tighten skin without painful surgical procedures, uncomfortable side effects, or worrisome downtime.

At 40.68 MHz and 300W, vShape boasts among the highest frequencies and power in the industry. vShape's dielectric concentrated thermal heating capabilities gives the system a lead over other devices. This technology is among the most superior on the market today.

Alma Unique Technology diagram showing how the higher the mega hertz the faster the rotation creating more friction and heat and compares advantages against other manufacturers.jpg

Alma's Advantages Over Thermage

vShape is incredibly powerful and can result in dramatic results. It’s so powerful that it non-invasively heats areas very quickly and efficiently with minimal pain. vShape’s unique technology can be easy-to-use, has a high safety factor and can be comfortable for Radová Lifestyle clients. Alma vShape is capable of reaching deeper than Thermage. Just look at these scientific results:

The Advantage of Dual Layer Radio Frequency

Alma vShape is one of the only devices available that offers two modes of Radiofreqency treatment delivering heat at different tissue depths; one targeting fat cells and the other can tighten the skin. The bi-polar mode can be used for superficial layers and the unipolar mode can be used for deeper layers. The deepest setting targets fat, the superficial mode targets skin tightening, and a combination of both modes focuses on cellulite. At Radová Lifestyle, this unique technology can allow us to quickly and cost-effectively help you reach your goals with fewer treatments and longer lasting results.


Combining Technologies for Better Results

What’s unique about Radová Lifestyle is we combine state-of-the-art leading technologies so we can target fat and tighten skin. Coolsculpting and vShape radio frequency are a great compliment which can offer you the best results in skin and body sculpting.



CoolSculpting uses cryolipolysis technology: ultra-low temperatures that can target fat without damaging the surrounding tissue. It's for men and women and a treatment is only one hour with minimal downtime. This is one of the fewest non-invasive technologies that can actually target fat cells. It can be great for de-bulking and sculpting the body. The procedure is FDA-cleared and can be very effective. Over one million people have been treated with CoolSculpting.


Alma vShape uses patented JuvaShape radiofrequency technology to target fat and skin tightening. It's a non-invasive, relatively pain-free treatment for body and facial contouring. vShape boasts one of the highest frequencies and power in the industry. This technology is one of the best on the market today. vShape helps us treat areas of the body CoolSculpting cannot reach, like the face. Because some clients experience loose skin after CoolSculpting, at Radová Lifestyle​ we often combine vShape with CoolSculpting technologies to target both fat and skin tightening together.

Radová Lifestyle combines these technologies in an effort to get the best results for each client. The main idea is to target the fat cells while leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected. Unlike laser liposuction, fat cells are not removed by suction – they’re left in the body and the body processes them through natural metabolism. And the best part is it's non-invasive; meaning no risky surgery, no needles, no anesthesia, minimal downtime, and it's relatively pain-free.

How Does vShape Radio Frequency Work?

vShape treatment starts with acoustic shear waves that selectively disrupt fat cell membranes, which can lead to a gradual breakdown and release of their contents, while not affecting other cell types. Next, UniPolar radio frequency can accelerate local metabolism for fast lymphatic and expulsion of the released fat, while tightening the skin and improving its texture.

High frequency radio waves (radio frequency) can accelerate the process while simultaneously tightening collagen fibers and stimulating new collagen growth. Because these treatments can target superficial and sub-dermal layers of the skin simultaneously, you should see better results. Lax skin can be tightened, wrinkles can be softened and cellulite can be smoothed away.

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Success is About Complete Control

Alma vShape's proprietary technology can provide complete treatment control, allowing the best results for you.

  • Can control depth of heat
  • Can control the treatment
  • Can control the clinical outcome
  • Can control mechanical effect
  • Can control the effect on collagen
  • Can reach deeper into the dermis or epidermis
  • Can shorten treatment time
  • Can multiply collagen fibers

Can be safe For All Skin Types

Laser technology is usually limited to specific skin types (Fitz I - III or Fitz IV - VI), but vShape with its calming radio frequency energy, can be safe for all skin types.

While many body shaping procedures require a long period of recuperation, vShape operates with minimal pain and downtime. Radová Lifestyle clients can return to their normal routine potentially immediately.

vShape FAQ’s

What Areas Of The Body Can Be Treated With Alma vShape?*

At Radová Lifestyle, we can use vShape technology on all parts of the body including the face, neck, arms, belly, love handles, buttocks, legs, thighs, and calves.

Am I A Good Candidate?*

vShape treatments can be excellent for clients who want to treat cellulite, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles and overall body contouring without incisions, needles and downtime. Radová Lifestyle clients can fit treatments into their busy schedule because the treatments can be relatively quick with minimal downtime. And, with vShape’s proprietary JuVaShape technology, treatments can be used on all skin types.

How Much Does The vShape Procedure Cost?*

The price for vShape varies depending on your areas of concern, the number of sessions needed, and your ultimate goals. Create a customized treatment plan, in person, with a Radová Lifestyle Master Esthetician that’s tailored to your body, your goals, and your budget.

How Long Is Each Session? How Many Sessions Will I Need?*

Treatment times can range based on the size of the treated area. Typically, they range from 20-45 minutes. Depending on your goals, usually no more than 6 treatments are necessary schedule 2 weeks apart.

What Does a vShape Treatment Feel Like?*

It's relatively painless. After preparing a treatment plan with you, a Radová Lifestyle Master Esthetician will select the appropriate technology mode to meet your goals. Whether that’s the bi-polar mode for superficial layers or the unipolar mode for deeper layers, vShape treatment is delivered through a hand piece that is gently placed against your body. A smooth swirling motion is used to heat the area to a consistent temperature according to the treatment plan. It’s important to reach a set temperature and vShape’s on-board temperature gauge ensures accuracy – no guessing. There’s no needles, no incisions, and virtually no pain. Many Radová Lifestyle clients actually enjoy the warming sensation which to some can feel like a relaxing hot massage.

Is vShape Safe?*

vShape can be a safe alternative to invasive aesthetic facial and body surgery. It incorporates advanced safety precautions and thousands of patients have been treated safely. It’s non-invasive and can deliver great results with minimal downtime.​

Are There Any Side Effects with vShape?*

The risk of significant side effects can be low. You may notice a slight redness or mild swelling in areas of thinner skin but this should disappear within 24 hours.​​

Can I Return To Normal Activities After My vShape Procedure?*

With minimal downtime, treatments can be incorporated into your schedule with few limitations on work and exercise. Most Radová Lifestyle clients can be back to work soon after their vShape treatment.

When Will I See vShape Results?*

You might see results immediately following the initial treatment, but the majority of collagen tightening and smoothing will occur over 4-6 months. Most Radová Lifestyle clients see the most significant results after 4 treatments.​​

Do I Need To Take Special Supplements Or Follow A Strict Diet And Exercise Program after vShape treatments?*

No. But you should follow a healthy diet and lifestyle to maximize your results.

*Individual results may vary.

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