Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

If you want the results of a CO2 fractional laser without the side effects and downtime, and at a fraction of the price, then Advanced Micro-Needling with APGF may be right for you!

Dermapen Micro-Needling

"I came to Radová with the hopes of reducing fine lines and pore sizes on my face. This was 6 months before my wedding. Gabriela helped guide me through a plan to achieve these results and thoroughly explained why each of these steps was important. I scheduled a series of chemical peels followed by Advanced Micro-Needling. She has been wonderful checking in with me throughout the process the see how my skin is improving (which it is!!).*" - Katherine S.  *Individual results may vary.


Benefits of Advanced Micro-Needling

Can be great for acne pitting, scars, stretch marks, fine lines, wrinkles.​

Benefits of APGF

Can improve results for anti-aging, wrinkles and skin whitening.​


About Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy)

Dermapen uses multiple micro-needles

Advanced Micro-Needling uses multiple micro-needles that vertically pierce the skin at predetermined depths. This can enhance rejuvenation results and can be safer for Radová Lifestyle clients because there can be less epidermal damage than laser treatment.


Advanced Micro-Needling’s multi-speed and adjustable needle depths allow the needles to pierce the skin’s layers at 90 degrees. This may increase the effectiveness of needling by generating a precise, comfortable and relatively short needling session.

The automatic vibrating function of micro-needling can increase the effectiveness of treatment by increasing absorption of products, while reducing pain and discomfort.

Advanced Micro-Needling can be as effective as ablative treatments such as Fraxel, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), and Laser Resurfacing. The most amazing benefit may be that Advanced Micro-Needling's pricing can be a fraction of the leading alternatives.

APGF - Advanced Peptide Growth Factor

APGF has been clinically shown to have high efficacy and increased functions on skin cell regeneration. Made from carefully screened advanced peptides and highly concentrated growth factors, APGF can provide effective results on anti-aging, wrinkles and whitening. When combined with Advanced Micro-Needling, APGF results can be even better.

  • Can treat fine lines and wrinkles by generating new skin cells.
  • Can treat hyper/hypo-pigmentation by decreasing melanin synthesis.
  • Can strengthen skin elasticity by inducing the synthesis of collagen, elastin and other ECM.
  • Can hydrate dry skin and can help it to maintain its optimum moisture balance.
  • Can lighten and prevent brown spots.​

Advantage of Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) Over Lasers

  • Advanced Micro-Needling
  • Lasers
  • Almost no downtime
  • Usually higher downtime, 3-4 days
  • Can treat all skin types
  • FDA has disallowed lasers for many skin types especially darker skin
  • Minimally invasive and can be safer than lasers with few potential side effects
  • Risk of delayed wound healing, pigmentation changes, scarring and infection
  • Can be cost effective with similar results to Fraxel, IPL and laser resurfacing
  • Treatments can be considerably more expensive
  • Can promote scar-less healing with precise vertical delivery system
  • Uses light to char and obliterate the epidermis “drilling holes in the skin”
  • Is typically much less painful
  • Most lasers leave swelling, redness and bleeding up to 96 hours after treatment
  • Offers complete control over desired depth
  • Can produce random small pits with inconsistent diameter and depth

Advantage of Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) Over Dermal Rollers

  • Advanced Micro-Needling
  • Dermal Rollers
  • Can be less painful than rollers
  • Can be painful to get an effective treatment
  • Maneuvers in hard-to-reach places, like around the eyes, nose, and lips
  • Uses needles that can be too large and unwieldy for tight areas
  • Normally less downtime than rollers
  • Swelling and reddening can last about four days
  • Can result in fewer side effects
  • Can cause lateral trauma to the skin when roller needles pull out of the skin as the wheel turns
  • Can be more effective in piercing the skin vertically
  • Thicker needles can tear the skin because they penetrate at angles
  • Multi-speed and adjustable depths can provide precise, comfortable and shorter needling sessions
  • Typically relies on hand pressure and skin softness so depth of penetration and results can vary
  • Can be safer when delivered by a trained professional
  • Can offer more risk of infection and damage



Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) for Acne and Surgical Scars

Advanced Micro-Needling can be a convenient and effective way of treating scars. The physical nature of “skin-needling” can break up fibrous and uneven scar tissue and encourage growth of new tissue.



Dermapen Caase Studies Before and After.jpg

Historically, treatment for scars has been very limited. Advanced Micro-Needling’s unique vertical stamping and depth control, up to 2.5mm, can help alleviate the appearance of scars and may be a better option than other methods available including dermal rollers. With surgical steel integrity, the robust nature of Advanced Micro-Needling’s automated needle tip (11 needles total and sized at thirty-three gauge) can penetrate scar tissue, potentially improving appearance, texture, elasticity, size and mobility.

Today there are ablative and non-ablative treatments offered which can damage the epidermis and evaporate the skin leading to thinner epidermis problems. Advanced Micro-Needling can keep the epidermis integrity fully intact, which may quicken healing time and cause less pain.

There are a number of methods for improving the appearance of scars, each with its own side effects. The main side effect is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (discoloration of the skin), which is often more common in darker skin types. Postinflammatory hyperpigmentation may result from dermabrasion, chemical peels and laser resurfacing.

Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) for Stretch Marks

Advanced Micro-Needling can be an ideal treatment for stretch marks. Stretch marks result from shear forces on tightened skin. They may result from pregnancy or other changes in the girth of limbs or the abdomen.



Stretch marks (or Striae Distensae), are tears to the connective tissue caused by rapid growth or over-stretching of the skin. When the connective tissue is stretched and tears, epidermal atrophy along the tear may result. The epidermis may become thin and lose its rete ridges. The elastic fibers can break and retract. Advanced Micro-Needling can help thicken the skin over stretch marks potentially restoring the contours of the epidermal surface.

Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) for Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Unlike dermal fillers, Advanced Micro-Needling can be a longer-lasting treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Advanced Micro-Needling can produce more new collagen than Intense Pulsed Light. It is capable of producing new collagen comparable to ablative and fractional lasers.

The new collagen thickens and softens the skin - this can be an excellent treatment for fine lines and wrinkles. Results should be develop gradually over 30 days, so you may not get the instant gratification as you might with dermal fillers but Advanced Micro-Needling results may last much longer - at least 2 years - unlike absorbable fillers normally do.


Micro-Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) FAQ’s

Does Advanced Micro-Needling Really Work?*

A large body of literature has explored the effect of skin needling, Advanced Micro-Needling, or collagen induction therapy for a variety of skin pathophysiology. Click here and select Radová Lifestyle Other Resources to review clinical studies and articles on Advanced Micro-Needling. Skin needling can be effective in remodeling scaring from burns, trauma, or acne. It has been successfully used for scarring due to stretch (Striae Distensae).

Am I A Candidate For Advanced Micro-Needling?*

A person with aging skin or acne scars might be a good candidate for Advanced Micro-Needling. Aged skin is thin, lined, and wrinkled. The pigmentation is often uneven. Acne scars are hypotrophic scars which often respond well to Advanced Micro-Needling. Many other scars are hypertrophic and micro-needling can be safe modality for revision of these types of scars.

How Often Can I have an Advanced Micro-Needling Treatment?*

Advanced Micro-Needling can produce fractional micro-injuries to the epidermis and dermis. The healing processes must take place for the benefits of Advanced Micro-Needling to become evident. Collagenesis normally peaks at 14 days after treatment so usually a period of 14 – 30 days should elapse before another treatment.

Recommended frequency of Advanced Micro-Needling also varies with intensity of the treatment. Mild treatments can be repeated every 2-4 weeks while deeper treatments (usually for scars) can be repeated every 4-6 weeks.

Can I Treat Surgery Scars With Advanced Micro-Needling? Acne Scars?*

Advanced Micro-Needling can be effective on many types of scars including acne scars, burn scars and surgical scars.

Does Advanced Micro-Needling Treat Stretch Marks?*

Advanced Micro-Needling can be a good treatment for stretch marks. It can help thicken the skin over stretch marks restoring the contours of the epidermal surface.

Does Advanced Micro-Needling Treat Wrinkles?*

Unlike dermal fillers, Advanced Micro-Needling can be a long-lasting treatment for fine lines and wrinkle. Advanced Micro-Needling results can last longer - approximately 2 years - unlike most absorbable fillers.

Is Advanced Micro-Needling Good For Anti-Aging?*

Advanced Micro-Needling can be effective for aging concerns such as wrinkles, lines, folds and crows feet. Because new collagen can be produced, scars and stretch marks can also improve from treatments. Pigmentation issues can be helped including hyperpigmentation as well as Hypo-pigmentation. General lack of skin radiance, skin firmness and compactness are also an indication for Advanced Micro-Needling treatments and visible improvements may be seen.

Is Advanced Micro-Needling Safe?*

Advanced Micro-Needling does not involve injections and therefore allergic reactions and side-effects are unlikely to occur. It is minimally invasive, involves minimal downtime, healing can be rapid and it requires fairly simple after-care.

What Is The Skin's Appearance after an Advanced Micro-Needling Treatment?*

After an Advanced Micro-Needling treatment your skin may be red and flushed in appearance similar to a light sunburn. You may also experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity to touch on the area being treated. This may diminish after a few hours following treatments and within the next 24 hours the skin should be healed.

What Skin Types Can Advanced Micro-Needling Treat?*

Advanced Micro-Needling can be safe for all skin types. There is minimal risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation as the melanocytes should remain intact, like the epidermis, during skin needling. Other invasive procedures such as laser resurfacing are not normally recommended for darker skin due to the potential risks of delayed wound healing, pigmentation changes and scarring. This is where skin needling may have an advantage as these potential risks are unlikely due to the epidermis remaining intact.

How Is Advanced Micro-Needling Different Than A Needle Roller?*

Needle rollers use needles for skin resurfacing that are often too large and unwieldy for tight areas. They are also largely dependent on hand pressure, so the depth of penetration varies depending on the amount of pressure exerted and the softness of the skin. Advanced Micro-Needling depth of penetration can be set precisely with an electronic dial. There may also be lateral trauma to the skin when the needles on a roller pull out of the skin as the wheel turns. This usually does not happen with Advanced Micro-Needling, because it relies on vertical needle action.

How Long Is Each Advanced Micro-Needling Treatment?*

Treatment time varies depending on the area treated and intensity of treatment. Treatment times may range between 30 to 60 minutes.

Is Advanced Micro-Needling Painful?*

Advanced Micro-Needling uses very fine needles and is relatively comfortable.

Who Performs Advanced Micro-Needling Treatments?*

At Radová Lifestyle, only Master Estheticians perform Advanced Micro-Needling treatments.

Is Advanced Micro-Needling Safe For Darker Skin Types?*

Since no melanin-absorbing laser and heat are involved, Advanced Micro-Needling can be safer than lasers, such as IPL, for darker skin types.

How Many Advanced Micro-Needling Treatments Are Necessary To Achieve A Good Response?*

Improvement may be seen with each treatment but a series of 3-5 treatments is normally recommended to achieve optimal results.

Advanced Micro-Needling: How it works*

The body’s natural ability to heal itself is at the heart of this amazing micro-needling process.

Dermapen: How it worksMicro-needling can create micro-injuries in the epidermis and dermis skin layers. By creating micro-injuries in the skin we can initiate the body’s natural healing process. The healing process can repair the skin with normal physiology in the following three phases.

The first phase of repair (1-3 days) typically starts with the release of the body’s growth factors which can begin new epidermal growth, fibroblast chemotaxis, fibroblast proliferation and matrix production. This is an inflammatory response and production of the body’s tissue continues to release growth factors from fibroblasts, keratinocytes and monocytes. It’s the body’s early phase of cell migration to remove debris and bacteria and stimulate the next phase.

Dermapen Phase One.jpg

Next, during the second phase (3-5 days), any new fibroblasts, monocytes, keratinocytes of the first phase continue to multiply. New collagen is laid down and deposited beginning new tissue formation. This second phase involves deposition of collagen III, IV and I, elastin, proteoglycans, and GAGs.

Dermapen Phase Two.jpg

The last phase of skin repair following an Advanced Micro-Needling treatment (5-20 days) can result in tissue remodeling where the skin’s vascular matrix can mature and tighten. A fibrotic response of growth factors can be released and fibroblasts release collagen. Collagen can continue to mature and stiffen for two years after Advanced Micro-Needling.

Dermapen Phase Three.jpg

After the third phase, collagen may continue to mature and stiffen for two years after Advanced Micro-Needling.

*Individual results may vary.

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