4 Foods You Should Avoid

For this week’s blog I wanted to discuss a few foods we should be steering clear from. I was recently flipping through an Ideas and Discoveries magazine (September 2015, page 26), and found a very interesting table that indicated harmful ingredients in various foods and their impact on the body.
I will highlight 4 foods discussed in the article.

Margarine: This liquid vegetable oil, which hardens and become easily spreadable, forms TRANS FAT when heated. Only 5 grams of trans fats per day increases the risk of a heart attack or stroke. How much is 5 grams of trans fat? That’s just one fried doughnut.

Soy Sauce: This contains GLUTAMATE, which is a flavor enhancer. This gives food that “umami” taste. Nutrition experts think that this ingredient can lead to illness like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. In addition, glutamate increases appetite, which can lead to obesity.

Hot Dogs: LISTERIA may be found in raw sausage, which is a type of bacterium found in animals raised for slaughter. This can lead to diarrhea and even organ failure.

Mayonnaise: An ingredient called ALGINATES is utilized as a thickening agent. If consumed in large quantities, they prevent the absorption of calcium and trace elements like iron, which can lead to a deficiency.
We hope you found this information as useful as we do.

Have a great day!

– Radová Lifestyle