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Self-Love Tips and Exercises to Save the Day

Declutter and choose joy. These are the words of Marie Kondo, a Japanese organizing consultant and author, who promises that ‘tidying your space’ can transform your life. Americans didn’t know what to expect when Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo show debuted, but everyone was in for a ride from the moment the first episode began. With our lives getting evermore frantic, we sometimes get lost in busy-ness and put off important wellness aspects of our lives: namely, self-love, or putting our needs first. Declutter your life. Choose joy.

On the show, it’s especially telling that as the people put care into their homes, and indirectly, into their relationships, they found a new outlook on their lives. In a similar way, as we declutter the junk in our lives, we should focus on relearning to love ourselves and get past all the clutter weighing us down. Here are some ways to love yourself for yourself, some great self-love tips, and self-love exercises.

  1. Be Patient With Yourself

We all have something about ourselves we’d love to change. And while you definitely have the ability to make strides towards a better ‘you’, it’s important to remember that things take time and that taking the first step, no matter how small, is a first step in the right direction.

HOW: Instead of focusing on the dislike, disdain and discomfort you target towards one or two small details you wish you could change, consider what you love about yourself and feed into that. Self-love begins by realizing you’re worthy of being loved and that you are truly great. Give yourself time and patience to get to where you want to get! By focusing on your favorite attributes about yourself, you’ll have the patience to focus more on your other attributes — loving them in the process.

  1. Find Healthy Hobbies

Hobbies are exercises in self-love that help you become more aligned with YOU. Healthy habits like meditation and exercise are wonderful ways to give yourself some good old-fashioned TLC – tender, loving care. One tip: make the effort to assess things rationally. When confronted with a stressful situation or negative emotion, stop, and breathe deeply for a count of ten. Try to detach yourself from the negative emotions and examine where they are coming from – only then can you begin to effectively work on turning them into positives.

  1. Meditate

Research on the brain and how it functions during meditation shows that regular meditation can help reduce stress – one of the biggest contributing factors to chronic health problems and developing disease. Regular mindful practices can even shrink the amygdala, the primal area of the brain associated with the ‘fight or flight’ stress response. During and after meditating, we become more aligned with our brains and aware of the connections between our brain and body. From here, we are able to rationally look at situations from a new perspective — realizing where true issues lie.

Meditating as a self-love exercise teaches us that we’re not responsible for all the problems we believe ourselves to be. Become more cognizant of your emotions. See things clearly as they are, and you’re well on the way to learning to love yourself. You’ll find that you have great potential and are nothing short of amazing – right here, right now.

  1. Exercise

Quite the opposite of sitting or lying down peacefully, exercising and getting your boy moving has been proven to spur the release of endorphins in our brains. Endorphins are Mother Nature’s feel-good hormones that activate opiate receptors in the body, causing a natural analgesic or pain relief effect. That’s why exercise makes us ‘feel’ better.

Regular exercise also helps us see things more positively and our brains are actually able to retain more information. Feeling good and becoming happier is such a vitally important self-love tip as it involves engaging your mind and body in the process of bettering yourself.

  1. Fill Your Body With Nourishing Food and Drinks

We all know the feeling. We choose to eat something that we know is going to turn out to be a huge mistake. Whether it’s greasy, fried foods or bingeing on carbs, or scarfing down sugary treats, we all know we’re going to find ourselves feeling a bit bloated and “broken” afterward. And yet we do it anyway.

While it’s totally fine to treat yourself to something a bit on the bad side every now and then, remember, eating something healthy but filling actually makes us feel alive and not-at-all weighed down. This self-love tip is a great way to love yourself – honor yourself and your amazing body as the temple and home it truly is – after all, it’s carrying you through your life!

  1. Embrace Your Differences

Last but not least, know who you are and be true to yourself. We have an unfortunate tendency of seeing celebrities as idols and role models, and then we start picking away at what makes us different from them. This internal dissatisfaction – the feeling we can never measure up – is a source of unhappiness for many people, women especially. While this habit of measuring ourselves against impossible ideals is one we all know we should get past, it’s not so easily shed.

You can learn to love yourself. Go past all the self-love tips and self-love exercises, and make a concentrated effort to simply see yourself as your friends and family see you. You’re a great person, endowed with unique perspectives and challenges. Learn to embrace yourself, quirks and all, and feel joy in every stride you take in life. You’re amazing, and there’s nobody else in the world like you.