We focus on you. You want great results, and so do we. Deciding to reduce your fat cells with Coolsculpting is not a small decision. We know this, because we’ve done it too. Each Radová Coolsculpting expert can relate to your decision because we’ve all had Coolsculpting treatments ourselves.

Radová has completed over 5,000 Coolsculpting treatments so we have the experience to get the best results for you. We are the only practice in the Washington DC area fully dedicated to Coolsculpting. So if you’ve got fat, we can fix that.


A Revolution in Aesthetic Fat Reduction

With CoolSculpting treatments, there are no needles, no incisions, no need for anesthesia, and no recovery time. This procedure is convenient for most patients, lasting 1 to 3 hours. During their treatments, they can read, work on their laptop computer, listen to music, or just relax. Most patients typically resume their routine activities, even returning to work and exercise regimens on the same day as the procedure.

Fat Targeting, Not Just Weight Loss

The advantage of CoolSculpting is it doesn’t just shrink the fat cells in your body like common weight loss; CoolSculpting can actually target fat cells, and can leave you with the mirror-friendly profile you always wanted. And because CoolSculpting can reduce fat cells, the results can be long term.*  *Individual results may vary.


  • Is CoolSculpting safe? It’s FDA-cleared and with over 1 million procedures, it’s proven to be safe for non-surgical fat reduction
  • Am I a good candidate? It’s designed for unwanted fat resistant to diet and exercise. But it’s not a good solution for obesity.
  • How many treatments will I need? Depending on your body condition and specific goals, you may need to schedule multiple sessions
  • How much fat is actually removed? Clinical results show 20-25% of the fat cells in each treated area are killed and removed from the body.
  • When will I see results? As quickly as 3 weeks, but you’ll experience the most dramatic results after two months.
  • Where does the fat go? Once the treated fat cells are crystallized, they die and are naturally processed from the body
  • What other alternatives are available? Liposuction can remove greater quantities of fat but it’s limited to 20 pounds per treatment.
  • How many procedures have you completed? Make sure your provider has extensive experience performing CoolSculpting treatments.
  • What have been your results? Ask to see their results. You should expect to see dozens of successful before & after pictures.
  • How can I maintain my results? Ask your provider about whole body wellness through good nutrition and fitness.