Why You Don’t Need Meat to Get Protein

Most of us grew up hearing that eating meat (especially chicken and fish) is essential for getting the necessary protein for your body, but this is absolutely false. Science has proven repeatedly that all protein is initially created in plants through a process known as protein biosynthesis. This occurs when plants absorb nitrogen from the air, break it down, and repurpose it into amino acids. The amino acids then go on to form protein. As plants are the only living things capable of this process, it should be clear that the protein we get from eating animal tissue was originally produced in plants – the plants they eat – recycled through the animal.

Protein found in plants is far more beneficial to our entire physiological system, and finding the foods that contain it is not difficult. Grains, beans, and vegetables are all excellent sources of protein. For example, 2,000 calories of brown rice are equivalent to 50g of protein; the same caloric content of broccoli is equal to 30g of protein. These amounts perfectly fit the recommended daily intake of protein, which is 30g-50g (depending on the size of the person.) However, the average American consumes twice this amount, ingesting approximately 100g of protein a day, primarily from eating meat. This type of protein-high diet leads to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Doctors have stated that after individuals switch from animal protein to plant protein, these health risks are lowered substantially due to the increased vitamin content and overall nutrition in the body.

Now that the issue of animal versus plant protein has been solved, the real question we should be asking is, “What about fiber?” While there has never been a medical report of protein deficiency, the average American consumes less than half (15g) the recommend amount of fiber (30g.) Once again, this fiber deficiency problem can be easily remedied by a plant based diet, as beans, peas, broccoli, and artichokes all contain high amounts of fiber.

For more information on what is really in the food you eat, watch “What the Health” on Netflix today!

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