Everyone has a little something!

When people think of fat, some negative connotation always follows. But what most people need to know is that everyone tall, short, petite, plus size, Asian, Hispanic, older, and young all have areas that of stubborn fat. No matter how much some of us exercise, or eat right, stubborn fat is always lingering. CoolSculpting is a great way to aid in removing that hormonal, or genetic fat so that we can feel more confident in the gym, wear jeans that aren’t as tight around the waist, and be able to do all the things we love doing such as hiking, swimming, going out to dinner, or going back to work because there is no downtime!

CoolSculpting using the technology of freezing localized fat cells in a certain area such as the inner thigh, or arms and killing them so that your body can process them naturally out of your system and they are permanently gone. Everyone has fat, everyone has a bulge here or unwanted something over there and with CoolSculpting we can not only help target those “problem” areas but help you feel confident, and yourself without cutting you open, or having you sit out of that golf game with your friends. Everyone deserves to feel their best, let us help you with that!