Exercise and the Inner Challenge We All Face From Time To Time

545am!! My iphone buzzed my favorite wakeup song “Morning has broken” from Cat Stevens and as usual I hit the snooze button and the inner battle began….get up or not to get up!?! It’s dark outside, cold and raining… ugh…and of course hearing my Great Dane Soffee snoring happily, curled up in a big giant ball sure didn’t help things! So there it was again, the fight in my head….should I sleep longer? Hm, let’s see, I scanned my day in my head, figuring out where I could squeeze my “after” work jog….ok, got it! I’ll work out before dinner…….yeah right, says the other side of my brain….as always there will be something unexpected that will roll into your day and by the time you will have time to exercise you will be so exhausted, you will drag yourself to bed and promise yourself, that for sure you will start tomorrow (does that sound familiar to you)?

But SOMETHING happened this morning!! This morning was different. The deep whisper in the back of my brain quietly echoing “You owe this to yourself”, “Get up”! And like magic, I got up, got dressed and went for a jog. This simple (yet challenging) inner strength is called “Accountability Factor” and it resides in all of us! It’s super powerful! Knowing I’m doing what I said I’m going to do, is very important to me. The sense of responsibility to complete the task, not for others but for myself. Not wanting to disappoint “ME”, and knowing I can do it if I put my mind to it, and most importantly keeping my word to myself.

Taking care of myself is important to me, and as a mother of two I know only too well, how life spins from 1 minute to another, but this morning my attitude was different and it represented true accountability for myself! I’ve learned over the years that I keep my word for others better than I keep my word to myself, but this morning, I knew it would be different – this new process will teach me not to disappoint myself.

My prize for getting up this morning? Plain awesome feeling of showing to myself, I care! And genuinely happy I didn’t give-in to the desire of crawling back into bed and sleeping longer.

The moral of this story is we all go through feelings of disappointment, sadness, and guilt. We can be our own worst critics and of course we don’t like that feeling. But the power is within you at all times, and once you accept the accountability factor for yourself it will get easier and easier every day. It all starts within us!

So, if your New Year’s resolution is about getting back on the wagon and back to taking care of yourself, we can help you at Radová Lifestyle. We have customized treatment plans to kick-start the incentive you gave yourself and keep it going!! Reward yourself, always! You deserve it!!

Gabriela Radová