Fad Diets Don’t Work

In today’s hectic world, it’s easy to get caught up in the latest trends. Your diet, however, should be guarded much more closely against these fads than your haircut or your shoes. While many of these diets say they are based in science, the majority of them could not prevail against common sense, let alone a research study.

For example, let’s discuss the Blood Type Diet. This diet was presented in a book called, Eat Right for Your Type, published in 1996. This book stated that people should eat in accordance with their blood type. To put it shortly, those with type A blood should eat less meat, while those with type 0 should eat more, due to their nature as “hunters.”

The research behind these bold statements was not provided clearly, so the Journal of the Norwegian Medical Association held a seminar in order to discuss these so-called findings. After reviewing over one thousand scientific papers regarding this subject, the scientists were unable to find even one study that prove correlation existed between blood type diets and health-related outcomes.  They concluded, “There is currently no evidence that an adherence to blood type diets will provide health benefits.”

To be fair, the results of this diet were not all negative; people who followed it did tend to smoke less, exercise more, and show some general improvements in their lifestyle. However, these results cannot be attributed to the diet specifically, because, once again, no scientific experimentation was done on the subject. The author of the Eat Right for Your Type claimed he would release the results of a ten-year trial testing how the Blood Type Diet improved the effects of cancer…in 1998. To this day, no such study has been released.

To put it succinctly, there are nearly as many different diets in the world as people. They come and go in popularity like clothing, but the only one that has been scientifically proven to change nearly every area of your life for the better is the plant-based diet.

To watch Dr. Greger’s full video on de-bunking the Blood Type diet, click here!

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