Hormones and Yoga

There’s a complex process within our body which never sleeps…..It’s called the endocrine system and its workers are called HORMONES. It is constantly at work, and affects our growth, procreation, moods, energy level and sleep.

It is also responsible for controlling our fertility through periodic cycles in women regulating the production of hormones secreted from our glands.

Hormones are chemical substances, with distinct compounds to induce chain reactions within our bodies. Specific hormones are released from the adrenal, thyroid, ovaries, pancreas, pituitary, pineal, and rested to maker their way to target organs via bloodstream.


A yoga practice I believe in and have been practicing for 7 years is BIKRAM YOGA.

All of your feelings and emotions are a result of chemical reactions taking place in the body. These reactions are responsible for making you feel negative emotions, like anger and sadness, as well as positive emotions, like love and happiness.

Regular exercise like Bikram Yoga, not only helps keep the heart healthy and gets oxygen into the body, but it helps in the reduction of stress hormones and increases mood-enhancing chemicals (endorphins), which help us cope better with stress.

Bikram Yoga’s twenty-six posture and 2 breathing exercises systematically move fresh, oxygenated blood to one hundred percent of your body, to each organ and fiber, restoring all systems to healthy working order. Bikram’s beginning yoga classes is designed to scientifically warm and stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons, in the specific order in which they should be stretched. The result is not only a health body, but also a health mind.

As Bikram yoga helps regulate the endocrine system, the hormone powerhouse of the body, it is the perfect activity to help reduce stress and increasing general well-being.

Yoga poses pressurizes and depressurize specific glands. These subtle compressions and decompression can regulate secretions. Each yoga pose has certain benefits.

Appreciating our body holistically, with many systems working on an interconnected level is the key to understanding how our hormones work. By maintaining a good sleep pattern, taking regular exercise and rest, eating healthily and managing stress through yoga can help balance are in digestion, metabolism and the nervous system which in turn will help the endocrine system to function in a healthy way.

Exercise after Coolscultping.

First and foremost, patients with healthy lifestyles will come away from their coolsculpting experience with better long term results.
Consistent exercise and proper diet reduce fat in the remaining fat cells after a coolscultping treatment.

The dead fat cells can’t process the fat and the body disintegrates the frozen fat cells. After coolsculpting, exercise and diet metabolize fat from the remaining living fat cells; decreasing their volume which sustains ones desired body goals. Combined with a lifestyle of regular exercise and healthy eating habits, the long lasting results can help foster external comfort and internal confidence.

Once the fat cells die and is eliminated by the body they are gone for good! They cannot shrink, grow or reappear. However, just because a patient undergoes a coolsculpting treatment, it doesn’t mean he/she cannot gain weight. In order to maintain the improved look, it’s important to nurture ones body with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Since it takes a while for a the dead fat cells to break down and be flushed out of our system, one should pay attention to what one eats. After a treatment, one should increase their exercise regimen and be more conscientious of their food intake to help see faster results.

Oftentimes the initial transformation of a treatment is the boost patients need toward an active and healthy lifestyle. One is given a fresh start and choose to continue on a positive path of self-care. The best way to improve ones results is in maintaining a sustainable healthy lifestyle and regular exercise. Combining these two along with the treatment will definitely help optimize ones results.