Investing in yourself is always the right decision!

“Investing in yourself is always the right decision!” This is our motto at Radova Lifestyle…you see it on our email footer and is also written on our message board as you saunter into our studio. Here at Radova, we not only try to sculpt your body depending on your goals but we also try to be empathetic and cognizant of your long term wants and needs. Gabriela and her team have a common mindset of achieving goals and fulfilling their lives with continued growth through different aspects. Be it with their daily diet, exercise, interests, passions and etc.

We try to help our clients achieve their body goals but also experience a sense of achievement not only through decreasing their fat through coolsculpting but also advising them on a continued path to a healthier lifestyle.

Through in person consultations and various correspondence with our clients, we listen. We listen to their gripes, frustrations and motivations as to how or why coolsculpting will or is making a difference in their lives or lifestyle. More often than not, we have plenty of satisfied clients who return for more treatment and has had such a sense of fulfillment through simply losing some unwanted fat. They are determined to lose more and keep up with their new found healthy lifestyles and physique. Not only do these clients have a different body image but also seem to have a full lifestyle and confidence transformation. Truly satisfying for us to hear such success and are always excited to be a part of their change.

Let’s be honest, a coolsculpting treatment is not cheap. However, it truly is hard to argue the long term gains on the return on investment…it is simply priceless. So, remember: “Investing in yourself is always the right decision!” Reaping the rewards of a healthy body and mind are the best measure of achievement and fulfillment.