“It’s the SCULPTOR not the device”

“It’s the SCULPTOR not the DEVICE!”

99% of our initial calls of inquiry for coolsculpting treatments are about pricing which is typical for educated consumers. Often we are asked about discounts or deals, we certainly offer competitive pricing …but there are coolsculpting practices that offer deeper discounts but at whose expense???

You have to take into account the skill, expertise and credentials of the person analyzing your needs and then latching the coolsculpting attachments. Is that person able to analyze your body goals to your satisfaction? Decipher which attachment would give you the best results depending on your body structure, fat deposits and target area? Your investment should be priceless when it comes to your body. Here at Radova, we have extensive skills in contouring your body and knowledge base to make sure we avoid costly mistakes that would be a casualty when one scrimps to chose the “cheaper guy” versus skills and experience to save a few bucks.

At Radova we take time and have the proper skill set to get optimal results. You are paying for the sculptor not the device! Our coolsculpting specialist have given over 11K treatments over the years, we are not a medspa that offer an array of services. It’s akin to that old adage: “Jack of all trades, master of none” We solely focus and are experts in coolsculpting. So again remember, you’re paying for skill and a service” and for the sculptor NOT the device.