What is New?

The New CoolAdvantage by CoolSculpting.

Now Faster. Bigger. More Comfortable.

New CoolAdvantage Applicator is Designed to Deliver Even Better Results

  1. Shorter Treatment Times. New Procedure is almost 50% faster due to revolutionary new design and colder temperatures which freezes the fat faster. Now only 35 minutes vs an hour.
  2. More Comfortable. Clients report at least 45% improvement in comfort scores during the treatment…and it wasn’t uncomfortable before. Our clients take a nap, play on their iPad, or read a book during their treatment.
  3. Covers More Body. The new design provides a new, improved and larger cooling area so more body surface can be treated at one time.

CoolMini Applicator

  • Ideal for small areas of fat, including the submentum
  • Optimized to capture and effectively treat smaller bulges
  • Clinically proven results

CoolCurve Applicator

  • Ideal for curves, as in the flank area
  • “Love handles” or “muffin top”

CoolCore Applicator

  • Most commonly used for abdomen

CoolFit Applicator

  • Features a flat applicator design for longer, vertical areas of fat
  • Inner thighs

CoolSmooth PRO Applicator

  • Features an unique comfortable flat applicator design
  • Ideal for non-pinchable fat, such as outer thighs

CoolMax Applicator

  • Ideal for large volume reduction