One of the Fastest Ways to Lose Body Fat is with CoolSculpting Treatment

A CoolSculpting Treatment is One of the Fastest Ways to Lose Body Fat

CoolSculpting is a treatment that eliminates fat from the body by freezing it away. It turns out that super cold temperatures actually destroy fat cells, causing the body to flush them out over a few weeks or months.

Target areas for CoolSculpting fat might be your tummy, your chin, or your thighs. The machine has applicators in a variety of sizes, each of which is specially designed to tackle a particular target area. Read on to find out if your stubborn fat is an area that can be treated with CoolSculpting.


The makers of CoolSculpting have developed a device that’s designed just for the chin area. It’s called the CoolMini, and it works to restore contour to the chin area.

As its name suggests, the CoolMini is much smaller than your standard CoolSculpting applicator. It fits in the chin area perfectly. Like CoolSculpting in any other area of the body, treatment with the CoolMini takes about an hour. Some patients need just a single treatment to get the results they want; others might need a second treatment to get the best results.


Fortunately, the flanks (or love handles) are another CoolSculpting target area. If you’ve done every ab exercise out there and follow a healthy diet, but you’ve still got some jiggle in the middle, CoolSculpting treatment might be your best option.

The tricky thing about love handles is that people have two of them. That gives you two options when you’re considering CoolSculpting treatment. You can treat your flanks one after the other, or you can address both at the same time. Known as DualSculpting, the process lets you double your results from the treatment in half as much time.


As you get older, your upper arms start to change. Even if you had toned and shapely biceps as a younger person, the development of fatty deposits and loose skin in the arm area can lead to a flabby “batwing” look.

CoolSculpting can treat excess fat in the upper arm area, provided that it’s mainly extra fat that’s the problem, rather than an excess of loose skin. If you have a lot of loose skin in the upper arms, removing any fat might make the issue worse. Unlike liposuction, CoolSculpting for the arms is a gradual process of fat removal. The skin has time to bounce back as the fat is gradually flushed away, instead of hanging loose immediately after liposuction.

Another benefit of CoolSculpting fat on the arms is that the CoolFit applicator is designed just for use in that area.

Like the love handles, if you want to get a balanced look from CoolSculpting in the arm area, you’ll either need two treatment sessions (one for each arm) or will want to consider DualSculpting.


The target area CoolSculpting is most often associated with is the tummy or abdomen. It’s no surprise, given how many people want to eliminate belly fat or achieve a flatter tummy. Depending on which area of the stomach you want to treat, you might need DualSculpting or multiple treatment sessions.


Whether the goal is to get a thigh gap or to get rid of saddlebags, the inner and outer thighs can be treated with CoolSculpting. DualSculpting allows you to treat both thighs at the same time. You will need two sessions if you want to address both the inner and outer thighs. There’s an applicator explicitly designed for use in the thigh area. The CoolSmooth applicator works on the outer thighs and is specifically designed to grab hard-to-reach fat bulges.