Take a look through some of our client reviews and experiences to see why Radova Lifestyle is the top choice for CoolSculpting in Washington DC.

“I love that the new method is shorter on time but more effective. Everything is always clean and nice.”

“Staff very professional. Setting clean comfortable. I definitely recommend. Will return again.”

“The experience with Radova and Gabriela was exceptional. Very friendly staff and stunning results! I highly recommend Radova for Coolsculpting.”

“Very comfortable treatment. Looking forward to seeing results!”

“The experience here at Radova has been great. Gabriela is extremely honest and upfront about what our expectations should be. I appreciate the candor as it helps to avoid future disappointment. The clinic is extremely clean and the staff cannot be any nicer. Thank you!”

“Gabriela is amazing and CoolSculpting does sculpt around muscle. I’ve done multiple treatments in various spots and I think the new technology is better in terms of total experience (as the consumer).”

“I have been really pleased with the results of CoolSculpting on my lower abdomen, so I’ve come in again to get my inner thighs done. Gabriela Radova is professional, straight forward and honest – I feel very well cared for in her hands. Radova Lifestyle also has a nice atmosphere – a great spa. I highly recommend Radova Lifestyle!”

“Excellent service with friendly staff. I had a great experience even with my results! Thanks. “

“Wonderful experience, professional staff, great atmosphere.”

“The Radova staff has been professional and supportive in addressing my treatment needs. The results have been visible which motivates total health and well-being. I have recommenced friends and will continue to. “

“I have been extremely pleased with the services provided by Radova. Gabriela and Maria are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The atmosphere is also pleasant and attractive to both men and women. I would recommend Radova to any one who wants to look and feel healthier.”

“The environment is soothing and clean. The staff is friendly, responsive and direct. Their reputation for high quality CoolSculpting service is well deserved. After my initial consultation, I received two followup calls to see if I was still interested. I was surprised to not receive more or a “harder sales pitch” — but it was precisely for this reason that I gladly came back months later!”

“My results are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! After having two children my stomach was never the same! I contemplated surgery until I was introduced to CoolSculpting and decided to make and appointment with Radova. Was very candid, letting me know I had a 50/50 chance my results would show. I went for it, and wow, I am beyond impressed. I just finished my second round and can’t wait to see the results!”

“My first treatment showed results in 6 weeks and I just had my second treatment. Treatments were not so uncomfortable as I had expected. The Radova staff are so helpful and personable.”

“Definitely worth it! The staff with certainly NOT disappoint you. I had CoolSculpting done in two locations and it was pain-free. They did an excellent job and take great pride and care with everything they do. Thank you Gabriela and staff!”

“I am extremely happy with the results of CoolSculpting I have had done at Radova. The procedure is fast, non-invasive and permanent.”

“What an amazing experience here with CoolSculping. A fabulous result with the best specialists ever! Love Maria!”

“Radova offers a relatively painless way to get your perfect body back. The kind, knowledgeable and friendly staff make every park of the process as comfortable and easy as it can be. Added plus, the design of the spa is truly beautiful! 2nd time customer and hope to come back and work on another area. Thanks.”

“Great experience with knowledgeable and professional staff!”

“The CoolSculpting results are amazing and it was so easy! Everyone is incredibly nice!”

“Very through in explaining the procedure and was very honest in what to expect.”

“Gabriela and Maria are experts and make you feel incredibly comfortable and in good hands. The results are amazing – it is worth it!”

“Thank you so much for a lovely experience! Maria did a great job! The place is beautiful and I felt taken care of. Highly recommend.”

“I’ve really appreciated the comfort and familiarity experienced since day one. The staff’s professional knowledge on their services and what’s best for me and what’s not is appreciated, vs pushing any product and service for sake of a sale. They are super attentive and responsive, be it via email or phone, customers come first. It’s a great team and that’s why I keep coming back”

“Radova provides an excellent CoolSculpting experience. Gabriela has mastered the technique that translate into great treatment results. They do it all well”

“Awesome, I am back for more.”

“Loved CoolSculpting and my experience with the Radova team. One treatment and noticed a huge difference in my arms. I’d absolutely do it again.”

“Exceptional service from a very professional team. The environment was very relaxing and the team members were so patient, calm and polite. The team members were also very caring. I will definitely recommend Radova to my friends and family members.”

“I absolutely love Radova Lifestyle. I have benefited from CoolSculpting as well as the radio frequency facials. I’m experiencing anticipated results and have felt supported by the friendly and professional staff!”

“Radova proves a clean and comfortable environment. Most importantly, getting treatments here makes me feel like my best and most confident self.”

“This is a great place! Clean, sleek place. Very helpful, nice staff. Maria is awesome. My skin is looking good and I’d highly recommend to friends.”

“I have been very pleased with all the services I have received at Radova. My skin looks great!”

“This is my second time visiting Radova. Each time I enjoyed my experience. This group is a wonderful batch of people. I was comfortable from beginning to end.”

“Very pleased with the results! Great staff and wonderful studio. Definitely recommend.”

Great way to remove those stubborn fat areas that seem to never go away! It's amazing!

“Great way to remove those stubborn fat areas that seem to never go away! It’s amazing!”

Great service and very helpful information,

“Great service and very helpful information.”

I had a great experience and totally noticed the difference after just two months. Thanks you.

“I had a great experience and totally noticed the difference after just two months. Thanks you.”

A fabulous lifestyle spa with a great staff! Thanks for taking good care of me!

“A fabulous lifestyle spa with great staff! Thanks for taking good care of me!”

Fantastic experience each time - return customer for a reason! Looking forward to coming back!

“Fantastic experience each time — return customer for a reason! Looking forward to coming back!”

Had an amazing experience with Gabriela and her team. Wen to get one area and ended up up having three! Everyone is super super nice and knowledgeable and always eager to help!

“Had an amazing experience with Gabriela and her team. Went to get one area and ended up having three! Everyone is super super nice and knowledgeable and always eager to help!”

I am so happy that I found Radova. Have been going since they opened and love the staff and all the services they offer. I see great results every time I love. Highly recommend!

“I am so happy that I found Radova. Have been going since they opened and love the staff and all the services they offer. I see great results every time I leave. Highly recommend!”

I've loved my experience at Radova! All the staff is so professional and kind. Maria does excellent work with RF and brows and Kylee did an amazing job with my CoolScultping. Great place to get non-invasive treatments!

“I’ve loved my experience at Radova! All the staff is so professional and kind. Maria does excellent work with RF and brows and Kylee did an amazing job with my CoolScultping. Great place to get non-invasive treatments!”

Very happy experience! Thank you!

“Very happy experience! Thank you!”

Completely professional

“Completely Professional”

“I’m not even the same person I was when I first came in. 200% healthier and look and feel fantastic! So happy with my results and thankful for Radova Lifestyle!”

“Happy and very nice staff.”

Thank you for your great service! The results of Cool Sculpting are good, but the service is terrific!

“Thank you for your great service! The results of CoolSculpting are good but the service is terrific!”

Gabriela and her team are amazing! They are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I am very pleased with the level of service I have received and even more pleased with results! I will keep coming back.

“Gabriela and her team are amazing! They are friendly, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I am very pleased with the level of service I have received and even more pleased with the results! I will keep coming back.”

“Great experience. Gabriela and staff are knowledgeable and compassionate. They are awesome.”

“My experience at Radova has been phenomenal. I have done the Coolsculpting and the radio frequency treatments. My results from both have been incredible! Maria and Gabriela have been amazing to work with. Maria has been so helpful and knowledgeable trying to help me achieve my skin firming goals. I really can’t thank her enough for her efforts and continuous attention to every little detail. It has been about 2 months since I did the Coolsculpting, Gabriela shared my before pictures with me and the results were drastic. I am excited to see how my results progress even further. Thank you to both of these wonderful women! I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their imperfections look into Radova and get a consultation, you won’t regret it!*”
Tricia R.
Alexandria, VA

“I am so happy and satisfied with the results I got from here in Radova. My long travel to get here was definitely worth it! Was recommended to me by a friend who was also grateful for the treatment she got from here as well. Very professional staff and courteous too. Treatment was done without problems and with that I will surely recommend them to my other friends as well!!!”
Cindy C.
Arlington, VA

“I’ve been going to aestheticians in DC since 1987 and have experienced a few great ones and a lot of mediocre to bad ones. Simply put , Gabriela Radova at Radova Lifestyle , is not only the best I’ve found , but she has a commitment to making each of her clients the best version of themselves possible from a skin care, nutrition , and appearance perspective . Although I have no problem with it ,Gabriela prefers a natural approach to skin care over cosmetic surgery and seems to have a natural solution for any issue you might have with your appearance . If you’ve ever thought about seeing a skin care/appearance specialist but haven’t had the nerve this would be your best case scenario for getting the absolute best attention and treatments in an extremely low stress environment. The spacious open natural European salon itself is a breath of fresh air after all the local foo foo pink and flower filled overblown places I’ve been to over the years . She’s well on her way to making this guy look 10 years younger with micro-needling and a human growth hormone serum and that’s just one of the many techniques this expert has in her repertoire.”
Gary R.
Washington, DC

“My first treatment was with Gabriela and I had a Chemical peel. Before the chemical peel took place I had a consultation with her and she had me start using certain products. The products included: witch hazel for cleansing, Image to help clear my skin,& Alba for sunscreen protection. All the above products are paraben free and vegan. That was important to me because the products that I use I want them to have the least amount of impact on this earth.
After my chemical peel my skin felt tighter immediately. Each day has been an improvement, but depending on my stress levels I get a flare up and I use my Image products and my skin heals a lot quicker. I know this is a work in progress and I will be seeing her again!*”
Ashley H.
Falls Church, VA

“Radova and Gabriela did not sugarcoat anything, she told me exactly what to expect and what I need to do to get my desired results. I’m happy to say that my love handles are back to what they were 15 years ago.”
Mark T.
Reston, VA

“I’m in my mid thirties, and wanted to clear my skin and address early signs of aging. I have seen a dermatologist for years, and tried a number of prescription treatments, none of which fully addressed my concerns. I recently moved to the area, and decided to make an appointment for a consultation with Gabriela before seeing the dermatologist and paying their high!) co-pay. Gabriela’s consultation was informative and friendly. She provided me with a plan for treatment, and gave me recommendations for new, natural skin care products that cost a fraction of what I was using (and make my AM/PM routine much faster!). I loved that I was never made to feel self conscious, or pressured to move forward. I decided to schedule an appointment, and never looked back! I love the medical grade facials and the instant results I’ve seen after treatment. I just received my first medium grade peel, and can’t wait to see the results! In just three visits, my skin has started to transform! I’m so grateful for making an appointment, and cannot recommend Radova highly enough!”
Charlotte, NC

“Ravoda’s special skin treatment was all I ever needed. Indeed there weren’t any surgical stuff done. The only place that I would go to for my skin care needs and I would strongly recommend them to my friends! I am very thankful for the staff and the awesome esthetician who did the treatment. They really do care about their clients. I’m so loving this place!”
Theresa H.
Arlington, VA

“I am fairly new to Radova, but definitely so far, so good. The medical grade facial here is by far the best that I have ever received. Each facial is specifically customized and tailored to your individual needs. She isn’t overly pushy with overselling, and yes, she is frank, but that is appreciated. I’ve always had pretty nice skin, but wow, it is even better. My problem areas are no longer much of a problem, and my skin is so even, with great tone. The treatment areas are clean and sterile, yet comfortable and relaxing. Parking is simple, and the location is great. Try Radova, you won’t be disappointed.”
Shanna M.
Alexandria, VA

“Gabriela is honest, knowledgeable, and very professional. She spent time with you explaining procedures and what results to expect. Comfortable and inviting space. Highly recommend Gabriela and Radova.*”
Shoreh S.
McLean, VA

“Been going to various estheticians for many, many years. Gabriela is terrific! She’s very into natural remedies and is concerned about the health and well-being of her clients. She really develops a relationship with you, which is unusual.”
Gina A.
Arlington, VA

“I made a second visit recently to Radova Lifestyle for CoolSculpting treatment. I was excited about a non-invasive way to reduce love handles that have bugged me, even after years of working out. I noticed excellent results within a week from one treatment!
Gabriela explained the process, the benefits, and she made me feel comfortable throughout – wow – the process is simple and makes sense. I made appointments for more treatments, so I can look better in my swim trunks this summer.
Guys – if you’ve tried every exercise and supplement and are still frustrated with those love handles, get in touch with Gabriela.”

“I went in for a consult with Gabriela for a v-sculpt, which is tightening the skin under the chin in the neck/jawline area. She is great. She is also straight-forward about diet, wearing sunblock to build collagen, and drinking enough water for treatments. She cares and wants you to care (me to care…).
I had 4 treatments that I did over 2 months, each treatment about 2 weeks apart.
I will definitely be going back to Radova. Highly recommend Gabriela and Radova. Great office space facility as well. Thanks Gabriela!”
John S.
Fairfax, VA

“Radova is great! The skin treatment I had here was a pleasant one. No strings and definitely professional staff. Was recommended to me by friends and now I’m recommending this to others.”
Patrice M.
Rockville, MD

“I came to Radova with the hopes of reducing fine lines and pore sizes on my face. This was 6 months before my wedding. Gabriela helped guide me through a plan to achieve these results and thoroughly explained why each of these steps was important. I got started on some better face products than the drug store kind I had been using. I then scheduled a series of chemical peels followed by the Derma Pen. Gabriela was very honest about the expected outcome and any possible “downtime” after the peels. So far I have had 3 and have been able to go back to work the next day with only minor peeling. I would not do these within a week of a major event, but Gabriela will fully explain this to you. She has been wonderful at checking in with me throughout the process the see how my skin is improving (which it is!!). I also really like the feel of Radova. It is a small “boutique” that has the feel of a spa but also the treatment rooms are extremely clean and sanitary like a physicians office.
I highly recommend having a consultation with Gabriela so that you can communicate your desired outcomes and so that she can determine the best way to get you there based on your timeframe, budget, and needs. Even after my wedding I plan to keep seeing Gabriela on a regular basis for maintenance.*”
Katherine S.
Arlington, VA

“I was so happy when Radova came to the area and I met Gabriela, she is top-notch in her business. Gabriela is extremely knowledgeable and spends time with you explaining procedures and what to expect with results. I have had Cool-Sculpting on my inner thighs and had great results. I have also had radio-frequency on my thighs, face and neck with noticeable results. I am currently having Derma-pen treatments on my face/neck and with the RF, my skin is smoother and it has increased my collagen. I highly recommend Radova!”
Susie W.
Arlington, VA

“Gabriela is extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her field. She treats each individual with the highest level of professional care. The comfortable and inviting environment of Radova in Arlington makes you know that every detail is attended to in the experience. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to look and feel their best in a non-invasive and state-of-the-art treatment.”
Deborah A.
Alexandria, VA

“I got CoolSculpting at Radova and after a few weeks already see my love handles fading away. I’m happy with the results and Gabriela spent a lot of time with me doing a great job of explaining how it actually works. I’m going in for radio frequency treatment next to tighten skin around my face and neck. Cool place and very different than any other place I’ve been to. Best part was having Gabriela Radova’s personal attention.”
Daytona Beach, FL

As a bride getting ready for her big day there were a few issues that I really wanted to address to help me feel and look my best. Radova exceeded my exceptions regarding price, customer service, and result. Building lasting relationships with clients is one of their key strengths and one of the many reasons that I will keep coming back!”
Kristen Marie.

“I am 48 and looking for ways to keep looking young. I found Radova Lifestyle. I work in Arlington so it was near by. After the initial consultation I chose the Radio Frequency treatment. She also recommended facial products after the treatment for my skin. It’s been awesome. I am looking better after the first treatment! I am psyched. Thanks Gabi.”
Jonathan B.
Washington, DC

“Gabriela is extremely knowledgeable about all non invasive body treatments. She answered all of my questions concerning Coolsculpting. I decided to have my outer thighs and upper abdominal area treated with Coolsculpting. I had previously had liposuction to those areas and was left with small pockets of fat. It has been 2 weeks since my treatment and I am seeing resulted in those areas. Gabriela is also very knowledgeable about nutrition. I am a vegan and she was able to help me to make small changes to my diet to ensure I was getting the b vitamins that was missing from my diet. She is wonderful and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to try a non-invasive body treatment.”
Rebecca A.
Gainesville, VA

“Radova has been really good to me. I’m really impressed with their honesty and professionalism. Staff were courteous and helpful too. Treatment for my skin was done without any flaws along the way. Technically, it was a great. So love the results!*”
Helena R.
Washington, DC

I’m not the type to go under surgical treatments just to look pretty but when I heard that there is actually a non-surgical type for it, I didn’t hesitate to check this one out! Together with a close friend of mine, we traveled a long way to check Radova Lifestyle. Yes it was a long travel but it was really definitely a worthwhile experience. Staff were so polite and they treat their clients/customers well. The specialist who did the treatment was very professional. So glad that I got to try their service, and with that I would love to come back here again!”
Selene B.
Bethesda, MD

“Switched to Radova a few months ago because I needed a change in my facial routine. Specifically I was looking for more than superficial results. So glad I found this place. Gabriela knows what she is doing, is honest, efficient and kind. But the reason I keep coming back is my skin. Like night and day. We can’t escape aging but we can do a lot to slow it down. Radova is the perfect place to do just that and get smart on skin care.”
Susie Q.
Washington, DC

“Gabriela is excellent. Extremely knowledgeable and caring, she individually tailors every session for your specific needs. Highly recommend Radova Lifestyle.”
Kendra B.
Washington, DC

“I like Radova for giving an excellent result to my skin! They are the only place I know that doesn’t need any surgery and stuff but still gives the best result possible. Had a skin cleansing done to my face and I went well and smooth. Again, the result was excellent that I had to recommend Radova to my friends! I would definitely come back here again in the future. Loving Radova a lot!*”
Martha G.
Gaithersburg, MD

“I have been to several different aestheticians in the DC area and Gabriela Radova is the best. She provides highly personalized, expert care at a good price. Gabriela is truly results oriented and my skin has never looked better.”
Antoinette F.
Washington, DC

“I went to Radova for Coolsculpting initially but later ended up also doing micro needling for melasma in my face. Coolsculpting helped me reduce 22% of my arm fat and I will be doing my second hopefully soon as arm has been my biggest problem area for fat storage. I did not feel any pain or discomfort. The treated area fell numb for a few days but I was able to go to the gym and workout. Gabriela is always so nice and pleasant and she knows how to make her client feel comfortable. She takes her client’s problems as her own and looks for best way to treat it. I have been more than satisfied customer of her. I still go for my melisma issues and I am glad I found this place.”
Casey N.
Vienna, VA

“I had a wonderful experience at Radova! Gabriela is very straight-forward and knowledgeable, and she and her staff made me feel so comfortable throughout all of my procedures (Coolsculpting, vshape, medical grade facial). I have had “spa facials” throughout my life, and after having a medical grade facial, I am not sure I can ever go back to a regular spa again!
I am very pleased with all of my results so far, and I am so excited to see my final results from Coolsculpting. If you are even considering one of the procedures that Radova offers, definitely go in for a consultation with Gabriela. She will give it to you straight and tell you exactly what she thinks you will benefit from. She does not try and get you to do things that won’t work for you. She is extremely professional and very results oriented.”
S R.
Washington, DC

“This is the only practice I know that is non-surgical and still gives excellent results. I had them remove fat around my waist and tone my body as well. To be honest, it was my first time and I was kinda afraid of any form of surgery. It was also a suggestion of my friend that made me choose this place. Overall, I had a great experience from Radova and it was worth all the money spent on the treatment!”
Isabella S.
Washington, DC

“I found out about Radova Lifestyle office this summer and have become their regular customer. I have done some facial and body treatments and I am very pleased and satisfied with the results. I think that Gabriela is a very professional and straightforward, and I always feel welcomed and comfortable in her office. I highly recommend Gabriela and her services for anyone who is looking for the best results at the nice place with a professional, hospitable and knowledgeable esthetician.”
Larisa G.
Woodbridge, VA