Cellulite Reduction

With Alma RF technology we can treat lumpy, dimpled thighs and orange-peel skin on your legs, upper arms and belly. Dual Layer Radio Frequency is the gold standard for non-invasive cellulite reduction. No needles, no anesthesia, and no risky surgery. And it's available at Radová Lifestyle!

Cellulite reduction

"I have been to several different aestheticians in the DC area and Gabriela Radova is the best. She provides highly personalized, expert care at a good price. Gabriela is truly results oriented and my skin has never looked better.*"  - Antoinette F.  *Individual results may vary.


Dual Layer Radio Frequency for Cellulite Reduction

At Radová Lifestyle, we use vShape advanced radio frequency technology to deliver heat to the deep and superficial levels simultaneously. This can be the most effective non-invasive treatment for cellulite. It’s a relatively painless treatment using RF energy to help shrink fat cells. Radio frequency treatment has minimal downtime.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite occurs when fat bulges out between the connective tissue strands under your skin creating dimples and dents on the surface. Study after study has found that treatments designed to 'stimulate blood supply' or 'invigorate' the cellulite do not work.


That’s because cellulite is not caused by toxins in the body nor is it caused by a malfunctioning lymphatic system. It occurs when fat pushes through layers of collagen fibers, or connective tissue, under the skin. Fibrous cords connect the skin to the underlying muscle. Fat lays between them. As fat cells accumulate, they push up against the skin, while the long, tough cords pull down. This creates an uneven surface or dimpling.

Cellulite most often appears in the thighs, buttocks, upper arms and belly. Cellulite is also more common with aging, when the skin loses its elasticity.


How Radio Frequency Can Reduce Cellulite

To reduce cellulite you need to reduce the fat and change the internal structure of the skin. Unlike lasers that concentrate on the upper dermis, radio frequency energy penetrates deeper into the skin to the subcutaneous layers causing tightening to the underlying tissue structure.


Dual Layer Radio Frequency delivers controlled heating to the fatty layers under the skin. This can result in tissue tightening and increased blood circulation, and fatty deposits are drained through the lymphatic system, helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Alma Accent XL dermis diagrams and text showing radio frequency treatment with the device penetrating the dermis showing before during and after effects under the skin.jpg


Reducing Cellulite Through Diet & Exercise

Diet and exercise alone won't determine whether you’ll get cellulite or not, but fitness, eating a healthy plant-based diet and drinking lots of water will keep your connective tissue strong and supple.

Countering cellulite by losing weight through diet and exercise will help, but its effectiveness depends on your skin’s elasticity. If your skin isn’t resilient enough it can sag and make dimples look even worse. Radová Lifestyle’s radio frequency treatment is a great compliment to healthy eating and fitness because it helps reduce cellulite while restoring elasticity in your skin.


Radová Lifestyle’s Dual Layer Radio Frequency can be the most effective non-invasive treatment for cellulite and is very safe for the following applications.

Areas of the body commonly treated for cellulite

  • Thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Stomach/ Abdomen/ Belly
  • Upper Arm
  • Breast

Benefits of treating cellulite with RF

  • No surgery
  • No anesthesia
  • Minimal downtime
  • Deep, controlled and consistent heating
  • Can be safe for all skin types
  • Relatively long-lasting results

Conditions our non-invasive technologies can be best used for

  • If you have lumpy, dimpled skin
  • If your skin has an orange peel or cottage cheese appearance
  • If your skin has lost elasticity as you’ve aged
  • If you are in good general health and have a positive attitude and realistic expectations
  • If you have limited time and want a quick and relatively painless procedure

Common Cellulite FAQ's

Is Liposuction Effective For Cellulite?*

Liposuction is not the best answer. It’s not very successful in treating cellulite and may actually worsen the appearance of dimpled skin. Liposuction can even make fat distribution more uneven, making the appearance of cellulite even worse.

Why Is Cellulite Worse In Women Than Men?*

The main reason is that women, in general, have more body fat than men, particularly around the thighs and bottom. Women have a slightly different skin make-up to men, and the distribution of connective tissue varies between the sexes. But that said, men can, and do, develop cellulite.

Do Topical Creams & Solutions Help Cellulite?*

Many studies have found that prescription or over-the-counter creams and solutions do not permanently reduce cellulite. Those that contain retinoids may provide temporary effects by creating a thicker skin helping to cover the bumps for a short time.

Can Smoking Affect Cellulite?*

Yes. Cigarette smoking can reduce blood flow and weakens the formation of collagen. This can cause the connective tissue to stretch and fat bulges through the layers of collagen fibers more easily.

Is Radio Frequency Better Than Lasers For Cellulite Reduction?*

Laser energy scatters light into the upper layers of the skin, making it difficult to deliver sufficient and consistent heat into the deeper layers without damaging the skin's surface. Radio frequency can penetrate deeper into the dermis and subcutaneous layers, causing tightening and changing the internal structure of the skin.

*Individual results may vary.

How Long Will The Results Last?

Radio frequency has been used for several years to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. While the results are not permanent, advanced radio frequency treatments are effective for up to 2 years and beyond.* Individual results may vary.

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Alma vShape uses patented JuvaShape radiofrequency technology that can melt fat and tighten skin. It's a non-invasive and relatively pain-free treatment for body and facial contouring. vShape boasts the highest frequency and power in the industry. This technology is by far the most powerful on the market today. vShape let's us treat areas of the body CoolSculpting cannot reach, like the face. Because many clients experience loose skin after fat reduction, at Radová Lifestyle​ we often combine vShape with CoolSculpting technologies for more effective results.

Alma Accent XL dermis diagrams and text showing radio frequency treatment with the device penetrating the dermis showing before during and after effects under the skin.jpg