The CoolAdvantage Advantage

CoolSculpting technology has been around for years, and like any science, it has made many advancements. The CoolAdvantage applicator was introduced last year, making huge improvements to the CoolSculpting experience.

Like the original CoolSculpting technology, the applicator brings the body’s tissue between the cooling panels, in order to deliver precise cooling to the body area in question. The CoolAdvantage applicator, however, uses vacuum pressure instead of suction, and it provides a more comfortable cooling with no bruising.

The CoolAdvantage applicator also finishes treatments in half the time as the original technology. CoolSculpting sessions with the original applicators could last upwards of 1 hour, but the CoolAdvantage applicator completes a full cycle in just 35 minutes! This makes scheduling treatments highly convenient for those who work, travel, or have busy schedules.

Finally, the CoolAdvantage applicator is nearly 50% larger than the original applicators, and is therefore able to treat 1.5x the area that the original technology could.

To summarize, the advanced technology for CoolSculpting delivers the same desired results (up to 25% fat cell reduction in the area of treatment!) in a more comfortable setting and less time. All treatments are non-invasive, FDA approved, and require no down-time. It does not get more convenient than that!

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