The Link Between Sugar and Cancer

This week I’d like to discuss something I find very important: the link between sugar and cancer. I stumbled upon an interesting Wellness Mama article that discussed the correlation in detail.

This article explains that “when sugar molecules attach to the proteins in your body, it is called glycosylation. Cells like these are present in high quantities in most types of cancer tissue”. Researchers have found that sugars actively stimulate tumor growth. So, when you consume sugars, your body makes insulin to control its effect in the body. “The more sugar you eat, the more insulin your pancreas must produce”.

Alarmingly, “your body doesn’t react to the insulin as effectively so your body needs to make even more, which is called insulin resistance. Healthy and cancerous cells use the hormone insulin to fuel growth so the more you have, the more cancer grows, multiplies, and spreads”.

We hope you find this information useful and choose to avoid refined and processed sugar.

Have a great day!
– Radová Lifestyle