The question isn’t what you can treat, it is what you can’t!

One of the number one questions asked about CoolSculpting, is where can I get treated? CoolSculpting has made tremendous FDA Approved moves allowing us to continue to treat even more areas. The most common areas we do treat are the abdomen, and flanks which are also called “Love Handles”. We are also able to treat the inner and outer thighs, distal and inner knees, arms, banana rolls, and the double chin. When CoolSculpting first came onto the scene of plastic surgery, and healthcare it was only cleared to treat the stomach and flanks. The progression we have made, and the amazing results we have seen in our clients is something that we are extremely proud of. We love having our clients feel confident when they come to us for their follow up 3 months after their treatment. Something so rewarding in helping people see themselves the way we and others have always seen them!