Tips to Naturally Slow Down the Aging Process

Tips to Naturally Slow Down the Aging Process

Wrinkles are a part of who we are. Soft wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, jawline and neck represent the stories of our individuality. Some wrinkles can tell us a happy person form a not-so-happy person and happy wrinkles should be worn with pride! But then there are deep wrinkles…making us look older than we really are. Unwanted deep wrinkles are accelerated by a few bad habits many of us are guilty of. But with a few simple steps we can start smoothing them out and preventing future ones from forming, keeping us looking younger, longer.
Here are a few simple day-to-day tips to help you slow down the process of aging and make you look healthy, refreshed and simply the best can at your age. The best part is they will cost you almost nothing and actually save you money over time! Got your attention? Here we go:

The number one worst habit for premature aging? SMOKING

Want to immediately reduce deep wrinkles and prevent new ones? Stop smoking. And this includes the new fashion e-cigarettes. Simply said, smoking is so bad for your skin. It accelerates your aging process like nothing else out there (not to mention deteriorates your health). Quit, and you will stop adding extra years to your skin instantly. And your new regained heath will vibrate through your body thanking you!


Wearing sunblock is a must, rain or shine! The UVA penetrates no matter the season and weather conditions. Even a few minutes outside without SPF can cause a breakdown of collagen proteins – resulting in fine, deep lines. The solution is to wear SPF 30+ every day. Put it on in the morning after your moisturizer and before your makeup. If you’ll be in direct sunlight (beach, playing outside etc.) you need to re-apply SPF every 2 hours.


There’s a good reason for the old adage: you are what you eat. Poor nutrition is responsible for many of our ailments. And poor nutrition accelerates the aging process internally and externally.
Too much sugar and the wrong type of fat not only contributes to weight gain but makes you look older too. Sugar molecules are the worst enemy for skin proteins. They attach themselves to the proteins in skin making them stiff and malformed resulting in saggy skin and deep wrinkles. Reducing the intake of refined sugar and simple carbs will start making visible changes externally and internally in no time. The impact on your health and appearance is priceless!


When it comes to anti-aging it’s simple: alcohol is BAD, water is FANTASTIC! Now we all like to have a couple drinks here and there – I sure love red wine to help me wind down after a long day. But just remember to hydrate before you go to bed. Even though it will cost you a few trips to the bathroom during the night, it’s well worth it! Alcohol dehydrates the skin. Dehydration reduces skin elasticity and causes wrinkles. Alcohol also effectively takes away vitamin A from your body, which is an important antioxidant for your skin and body. Alcohol causes a loss of collagen too – a key element we all need for younger youthful skin. So drink moderately and keep yourself well hydrated.


Your skin is your body’s largest organ. Going to bed with makeup on or not washing dirty skin from a day’s worth of pollutants is very bad for your skin’s health. Washing your skin every night before bed is very important. Take 3 minutes every night to clean up and your skin will reward you for many years to come. And you’ll look fantastic in the morning! Wash, apply moisturizer and go to bed, that’s all it takes!


While chewing gum may not be as big of an issue for fighting anti-aging as smoking, sunblock, nutrition and hydration, it’s definitely worth thinking about. When you chew gum, the lines around your mouth increase. Solution: opt for fresh mints instead.


Did you know that sipping from a straw creates small lines on the top of your lip? I personally drink red wine with a straw to protect my lips and teeth from staining, but try putting the straw back further in your mouth and don’t suck with your lips. Simple as that.


You heard your mom say it and she was right! We all get a breakout here and there, but leave it alone. You mustn’t pick your skin. Use topical products to help eliminate them instead.