Vegan Body Building

As we have discussed in previous blogs, plants are the only living things that can produce protein. While the food industry in America would have you believe otherwise, getting your body’s recommended dose of protein from animal meat is more harmful than helpful and leads to health risks such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Plant-protein, on the other hand, has all the benefits and none of the harm. Even bodybuilders are advocating the vegan lifestyle, and rightly so!

Torre Washington, an Alabama-born professional builder, was raised as a vegetarian for the majority of his life. As an athlete throughout high school and college, Torre always understood the importance of a healthy diet; but it was not until 1998 that he decided to become vegan. In 2008, he chose to compete in his first show, after becoming inspired by a personal friend’s bodybuilding. He stayed true to his plant-based lifestyle, ignoring the advice from many of his associates, who told him eating meat was a necessity. The following year, Torre placed 3rd in his first show ever; and in his next show, he came in first.

Torre is now a NSAM certified coach, has 4 pro cards, and has placed within the top 3 winners in 5 different organizations, including Musclemania. Torre has also been featured in multiple publications, including GQ, Vegan Health and Fitness, Bite Size Vegan, Strongest Hearts, and Forks Over Knives.

Torre claims his success is due to his passion for being all-natural and leading a plant-based lifestyle. He does not take or endorse any performance enhancing drugs or supplements, and he loves to educate others on the physical benefits of being a vegan athlete.

When it comes to his specific diet, Torre claims he does not keep a strict regime. “I believe in keeping it simple and not complicating things..…if it’s healthy and vegan, I’ll probably eat it,” he says. He also recommends other healthy habits, such as drinking water, getting enough sleep, and eating nutrient-dense foods. Some of his favorites are beans, oatmeal, greens, and tempeh with grilled vegetables; all of which are high in plant-protein and vitamins.

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