Avoid botched results!

Not all Coolsculpting providers are the same. It’s a great idea to bargain hunt when buying products that are the same at all retailers, like a car or cell phone. But when it comes to service providers, the old saying applies; you get what you pay for.

When it comes to your body, you want the best and most experienced professional performing the treatment. When you’re getting rid of fat, you have one chance to do it right.

At Radová we’ve got first-hand knowledge of this, having corrected indentations and other mistakes made by cheap providers. CoolSculpting is an art form that takes years of practice to perfect and Radová has completed thousands of Coolsculpting treatments.

We’ve mastered and focus on only one technology: CoolSculpting. Why go anywhere but to the recognized experts?


Radová has completed thousands of Coolsculpting procedures and is the only practice in the Washington DC area totally focused on Coolsculpting. Radová is recognized by Zeltiq/Allergan as one of the top ranked Coolsculpting practices in the nation. As a Coolsculpting Certified Practice, you can be assured that all Radová Coolsculpting experts have undergone extensive training to ensure safe and effective results. With multiple machines and the new CoolAdvantage technology, Radová offers the best results in less time and more comfort.


Our modern, European-style studio embodies Radová’s unique approach. It’s a warm and inviting sun-filled space that infuses advanced technologies with sustainability. Here, we put your needs first striving to create a relationship of trust and respect by listening to what you want to achieve and creating a personalized plan to help you reach and maintain your goals.


Radová is owned and personally operated by Gabriela Radová, an internationally recognized Master Esthetician. Gabriela’s approach is unique because she brings a trained aesthetic eye combined with advanced technologies to sculpt the body. Recognizing that true beauty emanates from within, Gabriela offers purely non-invasive aesthetic services that take the whole body into account. Her deep knowledge of nutrition means that all products used are toxin-free and paraben-free to discourage cancer development. Her compassion for animals and the natural environment we all enjoy means that all products used are completely sustainable, 100% cruelty-free and with no animal byproducts.